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Parliamentary Debate Tournament

LITC, in association with IIT (ISM) Dhanbad ACM Student Chapter presents an internal Parliamentary Debate Tournament. The tournament will follow Asian Parliamentary Debate format.


Date:   Dec 5 - Dec 6
At:   SAC 109

Rules and Regulations

1) The teams must contain four members (3 team members + 1 adjudicator).
2) Registration as individual adjudicator is also allowed
3) No member can be a part of more than one team.
4) Adjudicators registered as a part of team must not register as individual adjudicator again.
5) Switching of adjudicator into main team is not allowed once the tournament has started.
7) The Core Adjudicator (CA) with experience of at least two external debate tournaments will be monitoring the overall competition and the decision taken by CA is final and binding.
8) The decision and criteria established by the organizers will be final and binding. Only they are allowed to modify anything, and the changes done by them will be final and binding.