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Android Fundamentals

Welcome to Android Fundamentals!
The ANDROID CLUB of ISM, Dhanbad is making a grand entry with its first event.


Date:   7th Feb, 2015
Start:   09:00 AM
Ends:   12:00 PM
At:   Management Hall

Rules and Regulations

  • There are 7 sessions planned in which you will be given a complete hands on the android development tools.
  • Details of this workshop are given the at top right corner of this page!
  • You get a chance to learn from Google resources.
  • Basic knowledge on how to use Java is much appreciated.
  • Incentive to achieve full certification upon course completion and App creation.
  • Android Club student community local, regional and worldwide!
  • Swag in form of Android Club t-shirts and relevant accessories on successful app submission.